Coolife Luggage Review In 2022 | Top Picks & Buying Guide

Are you searching for reliable suitcase sets for the latest era? You can put an end to your search because we’ve come along with Coolife luggage review with every detailed real feedback.

We understand you’re someone who often has to go on a trip. That’s why you’re here!

Whether you’re going on a business or vacation trip, you always need a suitcase or luggage. A successful trip depends on the many aspects of life. The proper mindset, the reason for the journey, and necessary belongings make the trip beyond expectation.

To carry your belongings, you need to choose luggage – a trip mate that will let you take a toothbrush to the laptop in just one place.


Here we’re going to talk about the only Coolife! Coolife is a very popular brand offering less pricey suitcases at affordable prices with maximum features and advantages.

Let’s get into the best Coolife luggage review with the real perspectives!


It’s a 4-piece set for those who often go on a travel. It includes smaller to larger size capacity including a variety of colors. While you’re going on a long period vacation, it’s mandatory to choose larger capacity luggage to contain all the essentials in one place.

For a 2-5 days trip, you can go with the smaller or medium-sized ones. You might be thinking of purchasing this Coolife luggage 3 piece is a luxury. But, that’s wrong to think that spending money on this would be a luxury.

Give another thought and you will get the answer!

It’s not always you making a journey. Well, we all sometimes go on a family trip. And that’s the time when you can make the best use of the whole set. Your partner, kids need to use the rest luggage.

Apart from the flexibility in using all kinds of trips, its design is attractive, beautiful, and user-friendly. Else, the internal space is quite spacious to stuff all the clothes, cosmetics, medicines, and everything into it. The Locks are approved by TSA. So, you’re getting the sturdy and durable locking feature in every piece of luggage.

There are retractable handles in every luggage. So, you can easily hold them comfortably in extreme situations too. Else, you can carry it without any weariness in hands.

These bags can be stretched to 15% of their real size for having 360-degree wheels. Else, wheels are easy to drag on hard surfaces too. Moreover, the carrying handles are designed in such a way that they won’t hurt hands.

You will find a side zipped extra bag in front of the bags. There you can store magazines, necessary papers, or chargers of your laptop, mobile, and pads.


  • Beautiful design.
  • Spacious and available sizes.
  • 360-degree wheels.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Zippers are durable.


  • Some users didn’t like the wheels.


This is the best pick for anyone who wants to spend money on a solid Coolife. You’ve to buy the whole set which includes 3 piece set. Though some people considered it to be expensive it doesn’t cost a lot while you compare the price with the whole set.

It’s the most durable suitcase in our top Coolife luggage reviews. The frame is made of aluminum and offers promising durable performance. Else the body is polycarbonate that ensures a sturdy overview in all the situations.

Do you want zipperless suitcases? This is a suitcase keeping you away from the zippers’ hassle. Some of us often fall in a mess of clothes or materials stuck in the zippers. So, this can lead you to torn clothes or malfunctioned zippers.

Since this is zipperless, it’s a bit pricey. But its overall sturdy frame, body design, and the zipperless feature make this suitcase set worthy of your money and trips.

There is a TSA lock system along with the external durable construction. The TSA lock ensures the high-class security to keep your belongings safe in their place. So, you can enjoy a peaceful journey through the world.

Though the set is a durable one, we expected it to be very heavy. But surprisingly this luggage is lightweight to carry anywhere. All of these suitcases include double spinner wheels. The wheels are user-friendly and can adapt to any surface for their smooth performance.

Else the wheels don’t create any noise or sound while they’re being dragged on the surface. So, it gives you a modern, classic, and smart look and feels wherever you’re going with it.


  • TSA featured locks.
  • Noise-free performance.
  • Durable aluminum frame.
  • It comes in three different sizes.


  • Internal space can’t be expanded.


We’ve talked about suitcases set in our previous picks. But this is the individual Coolife luggage for excellent business or holiday trip. People who want the maximum durability along with elegant beauty can choose this without a second thought.

It’s a very beautiful and shining red wine color luggage. You can take it with you for any kind of trip. Whether you’re going single or with your family, this is enough spacious to carry more than its actual worth.

Keeping aside the color and design, it’s durable for having an aluminum frame. The whole body is also durable for being 100% premium material.

The 360-degree rotation of the wheels makes this bag move easily. You don’t have to create an effort to drag it. There are also protective bumper corners around the luggage. It saves the luggage from the extreme situation while it gets bumped into walls or doors. Luckily, you won’t face any scratch marks or sudden break down of the luggage.

You can also enjoy peaceful security for the TSA lock system. The zipperless feature makes it ideal for easy maneuvering. And if you’re searching for one of the best lightweight Coolife luggage, this is the right one for you.

Since it comes in a single piece. So, you’ve to buy separately if you need other sizes and multiple pieces of this luggage.


  • Attractive design and color.
  • Long-lasting shining texture.
  • 360-degree rotating wheels.
  • Bumper security.
  • Internal and external durability.


  • Some users faced the issue with the jammed lock.


Are you tired of carrying heavy bags during the long-scheduled journey? Well, this is the Coolife spinner suitcase that can put an end to your heavy baggage carrying days.

This is the Coolife suitcase that offers you ultimate comfort in the long trip. It has comfortable handles with every bag. If you have to carry it in the airport for a long time even, it will hardly cause you any discomfort.

There are spinnable wheels that can be rotated into 360-degree. So, you can easily change the direction. The Coolife manufacturer has proudly insured the maximum comfortable travel to its users. The wheels are also silent when you’re even in a rush with them.

These bags are made with the grinding process. When you store them, it consumes very little storage space. They can be stored in one another following smaller to larger.

The materials used to make these bags are sturdy and durable. The PC and ABS are strong and enough flexible for hard situations. So, next time when an airport employee throws your baggage, you can stay confident and peaceful. These bags are enough durable to handle hard falls and rough usage.

This set is engineered with the user-friendly interior design. It ensures you to store a lot of things in one bag because of enough spacious feature. Else, there are different sizes of pockets that can hold essentials.


  • Easy to carry.
  • Comfortable experience.
  • Spacious internal design.
  • Sturdy construction.


  • The outer shell gets scratches easily.


Are you a business person? This is the perfect choice for any business trip. It’s made keeping the international standard in the mind. This is stylish, comfy, and durable from the users’ perspective.

The inner and outer shell is made of ABS and PC material. These materials are promisingly strong and durable. So, you get 100% durable bags to deal with your long period trips. Though the materials are hardy these bags are not heavy at all. We have our mindset that durable things tend to be heavy. But that’s not the fact in the real scenario.

These bags are lightweight and easy to carry. The handles are manufactured to hold without any discomfort. You can hold onto them for hours and there would be no such an issue to feel weary.

This set comes in 3 different sizes like 20, 24, and 28 inches. You can randomly go for a business trip with 20 or 24 inches. And 28 inches is the ideal one for the family vacation trip or when you’re going on a long trip for weeks or months. You can carry a lot in 28-inch baggage because it can be expanded to 15% extra.

It’s another Coolife creation that comes with TSA locks. So, you can get security and safety wherever you take along these bags.


  • Noise-free wheels performance.
  • Wheels can rotate in any direction.
  • Outer shell remains scratch-free.
  • Comfortable handles.
  • TSA locking system.


  • Zippers can break down if used roughly.


This is another unique pick from the Coolife manufacturer. If you are not comfortable with ABS or PC material, then this is the one for you. It’s made from oxford and nylon clothes materials. These clothes materials appropriate for baggage manufacturing. They are stronger to deal with the external harsh condition.

ABS or PC material can be broken down when thrown very roughly. But the cloth material that has been used would never be broken. So, you can assure yourself of the extreme durability in every journey trip that you make.

It’s suitable for every US airline cabin luggage. And this fact is already proven by IATA standards. The handle is made of aluminum telescoping. You can hold the handle with a top-class comfortable feel. There is no chance of giving you any difficulty to carry it also.

Storing these bags consumes the space of the only bag because they can be stored one into another. The wheels are another term that makes its users fall in love with them. The wheels are spinnable and can rotate to 360-degree. So, you can enjoy your changing direction even though you’re lost in a new place. That’s why it stays durable and flexible in extreme conditions.


  • Come with multi-pockets.
  • Spinnable wheels.
  • Fashionable and sporty design.
  • Eligible for any trip.
  • Durable and flexible performance.


  • These aren’t expandable.


Do you want a suitcase set to give you more than its price? Well, these white and black-bordered suitcases are the real mate for your next business trip, why? Being so stylish, it’s the right choice for every important trip. Else the expandable feature is the cherry on the top for its users.

The materials which are used for it are so durable. The PC and ABS materials make this luggage extremely sturdy to be in any hard situation. Though this set is durable, it’s lightweight. The outer shell constructed hard to secure your belongings from breaking down.

Its handles are adjustable in 3-steps to let it match with your requirements. You can easily adjust the handle to your height and enjoy a confident tour. Else, there is attached cushioned comfort grip on the handle. So, your hands are never going to have any stuffed feeling while holding or carrying for a longer time.

Its overall quality is superior as well as the wheels too. The wheels provide the noise-free performance along with the double spinning feature.


  • Stylish design.
  • Lightweight
  • User-friendly handle grip.
  • Wheels assure smoother performance.
  • Expands to 15% extra space.


  • Get scratches easily.


We bet only this Coolife luggage review isn’t enough to let you select the best Coolife luggage for you. Coolife comes with its peaks and perks. So, you have to pick one which can fulfill all of your requirements.

So, there are some fundamental factors to look for when you’re going to select a suitcase for you.


Coolife luggage comes in individual and sets too. The 2-piece set comes with 16- and 28-inch sizes. These sizes are appropriate for any business class trip. The 3-piece set comes in 20, 24, and 28-inch size.

You can purchase the 3-piece set when you make a lot of family tours. Else you can go on an individual trip with the 20-inch size. And if you want to take another individual piece of luggage for your baby then you can prefer to buy a 4-piece set. The 4-piece sets include an additional piece of 16-inch luggage that can be a solely dedicated carrier for your child or baby.


The handles are a very important aspect to choose carefully while you’re purchasing luggage. Most of the Coolife luggage handles are made with telescopic handle. So, users get a comfortable grip to carry or hold.

Else the handles are constructed with a 3-step arms position. So, you can enjoy a flexible transport feature whatever Coolife luggage you might be selecting. The material used to manufacture handle is aluminum.

Since aluminum is so lightweight that doesn’t any extra weight to the luggage. The handle controlling button is at the top of the handle. Gladly, it lets you do instant adjustments clicking on the button.


Coolife manufacturers always ensure a comfortable journey to their luggage users. Coolife has the reputation to provide spinner wheels in every suitcase piece they made ever. They always offer 360-degree wheels to roll on the road or floor smoothly.

Whenever you’ve to make a U-turn, its wheels make it easier for you. Sometimes while there is carpet on the floor, the wheels of other luggage get stuck on. But Coolife has been promisingly smoothly performing in all kinds of extreme conditions.


TSA or the three-dial combination feature is the ultimate way to stay safe and secure from getting theft into hotels or anywhere. Whenever you’re traveling, you’re going to a new place surrounding by new people. So, you can’t ignore the protection level for your laptop, money, or important documents.

Gladfully, the Coolife delivers the TSA locking system in their suitcase sets. Therefore, it gives you peace of mind to stay relax from the fear of getting theft.

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Here we’re done with our best Coolife luggage review!

You can select the right one for you from our selected picks. If you’re still not sure which one to choose, then you must look into your requirements. Everyone has different needs and choices! This list includes highly-rated luggage to meet your expectations. They all were mid-range suitcase sets to be afforded by any traveler or business person.

So, you can select from our Coolife reviews and enjoy the best trip experience surely!

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