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Lucas Luggage Review 2022 | Comprehensive Buying Guide

It seems difficult to choose the perfect luggage as there is plenty of choices. It all depends on what you need and what you don’t from it. In this Lucas luggage review, you will get the best options to choose from.

Here all the features, pros, cons are described that will help you to compare according to your needs. Our team made this list according to price, features, durability, customer reviews.

We hope you will find a match. All these options come with great quality at minimum cost. From hundreds of thousands of options, these bags surely take place on the top list. To know more about all the bags, here is the complete review. Just browse your category in this article.

Top 5 Best Lucas Luggage Reviews – Editorial Picks

Since you’ve been searching for the best luggage for your next journey but you didn’t get any affordable results, right?

Here, we’re going to talk about the best Lucas luggage review for them who desperately need it.

Lucas Ultra Lightweight 24 Inch Carry OnLucas Designer Luggage Collection - Expandable 24 Inch Softside Bag - Durable Mid-sized Ultra Lightweight Checked Suitcase with 8-Rolling Spinner Wheels (Purple)

This luggage is a great example of quality at an affordable price. As a lightweight carry-on, this one can be a great choice. The design is not only durable but also stylish. The weight of this unit is 6.5 pounds. It is for them who want roomier and durable luggage. The overall dimension of this luggage is standard for travel.

The dimension of this luggage is 24 x 9 x 16 inches. But in airlines, luggage of this dimension can pass through easily. This dimension doesn’t make it a massive one. The exterior has been decorated with pockets that are suitable for keeping necessary documents.

This luggage is best for two things. One is the storage capacity and another is its lightweight. It has a lot of room to put a lot of stuff. To put items and organize, there is a decent amount of space with straps. It will secure your belongings in place. Two large extra pockets are perfect for keeping the necessary items.

With the wheel, it’s easy to roll. Even you can easily move this bag to 360 degrees. After putting a lot of things in it, it’s easy to move. It’s perfect to travel with families and comes with a retractable handle on the left side & top. It’s fairly good luggage to organize things in the inner compartment.

The pocket is also expandable with the expandable zipper. For both frequent and infrequent travelers, this unit of the Lucas luggage is perfect.


  • It is designed with the lightweight and expandable facility
  • This unit is very convenient and comfortable
  • The wheel position is perfect for higher stability
  • Its price is affordable


  • There is a little difference in dimension.

If you want the perfect storage capacity luggage, then this one can serve your purpose in a better way. It surely provides better service in many aspects and keeps your styling on the go.

Lucas Ultra Lightweight 20 Inch Carry On Small Rolling BagLucas Ultra Lightweight Carry On - Softside 20 Inch Expandable Luggage - Small Rolling Bag Fits Most Airline Compartments - Durable 8-Spinner Wheels Suitcase (Black)

The Lucas UltraLightweight 20 inch carry-on bag is another great example of rock-solid choice. The bag is highly cost-effective. It is designed as a durable one with compact size. But it is slightly heavier than the lightest carry-on bag. But according to the price, it can be the one for you.

As a lightweight model, this bag is only 5.8 lbs. The dissimilarity in weight does not make a huge difference. This 20-inch version is more durable. It has more room to hold your things easily. The dimension is 20 x 8 x 14 inches. This size is suitable to pass through in any airline. After packing with your belonging, it doesn’t look too massive.

This bag has two exterior pockets. Like most of the carry-on bags, these pockets are suitable to keep your document safe. To make it easy to carry as it has four double spinner wheels. That means it has eight spinner wheels. The handle on the top and left side and one retractable handle make it easy to carry.

A roomy compartment matters the most to you in this bag. The interior also organized with two inner pockets. To hold your thing in place it has compression straps.

Like a bag of affordable prices, this setup is perfect for everyone. The zipper is expandable when you need it. As a carry-on bag, it gives you comfort. The ergonomic handle and wheels make this bag more convenient. You won’t feel any stress in your hands.

Another good thing about this bag is the wheel position. It’s wide and makes the bag more stable with perfect balancing.


  • Lightweight
  • Highly expandable packing area
  • Easy to carry and easy to use
  • Highly stable with great wheel position
  • It can be used for multipurpose.
  • Compact size


  • The handle seems a bit flimsy

This bag allows the user to make it more useful for any purpose. This bag can minimize your cost and perform well in the long run.

Lucas Treadlight Checked 28 Inch Luggage

Lucas Treadlight Checked Luggage Collection - 28 Inch Scratch Resistant (ABS + PC) Hard Case Bag - Ultra Lightweight Expandable Large Suitcase With Rolling 4-Spinner Wheels (28in, Charcoal)

As a typical hardshell suitcase, this Lucas treadlight luggage can draw your attention. It is a ribbed shell suitcase. As a result, there are not scratches you will find. ABS plastic is a popular material that is used for this hardshell suitcase.

This suitcase also made by PC + ABS material. Another good thing about this material is less expensive. This material is also durable enough to serve you in a rough time. It’s also lightweight.

This suitcase is 28” which defines its dimension. 30.5 x 12.5 x 26 inches is the overall dimension and because of the size, it becomes a checked suitcase. It’s a large suitcase where you can put more things. It’s a sturdy piece.

The design and material made this luggage handy, even it goes through the rough handling like most checked-in luggage. As a frequent traveler, it will be the best option for you. The interior is designed in such ways to keep your things organized. The compartments are very spacious. This space is enough to store a few days’ clothes.

To keep your clothes in place, it has the straps. The mesh pocket helps to store things more easily. The four spinner wheel makes the roll easy in the airport, rail station, etc. The handle is also telescoping and makes it more comfortable to hold.


  • It’s highly sturdy as the storage capacity is good and expandable enough.
  • The surface is scratch-resistant
  • Effortless mobility with spinner wheels.
  • The Hardside case is durable and lasts for a long time.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Shock Absorption facility
  • The lighter weight makes this suitcase easy to carry.


  • The quality of the zipper has space for improvement.

This suitcase is perfect for the people who are especially on a business trip. It allows the user to pack more clothes and documents along with electronic items.

Lucas Outlander 20 Inch Carry On LuggageLucas Outlander 20 Inch Carry On Luggage Collection -Expandable Scratch Resistant (ABS + PC) Hardside Suitcase- Lightweight Durable Checked Bag With 4-Rolling Spinner Wheels (20in, Purple)

You won’t get many options from Lucas for hard side carry-on luggage. But getting a smart choice among available options can be the key to your comfort travel. Lucas Outlander 20 inch carry-on luggage is the little expensive in their luggage product line. But the service proved that it’s worth the price.

It is made of the most common and durable material called ABS. This material is highly durable for long run services. The dimension is perfect to hold your things. Including the handles and wheel, the overall dimension of this bag is 20 x 13.5 x 9 inches. This size is perfect if you travel internationally. The design from the outside makes this bag more stylish and elegant.

With the four rolling spinner wheel this bag looks really good. There are top and side handles. On top, it has a retractable handle as well. The interior from inside is separated into two equal parts. It has a sheet of fabric that makes the difference.

The X-shaped strap keeps your things in place. For more being organized, it has two pockets. To get more space for storing more things, it is expandable by two inches. It increases almost 25% packing space. According to all the services it offers, the price is quite affordable.


  • This bag is very much lightweight
  • The body is made of ABS that offers more durability and sturdy body
  • It comes with a shock absorption facility.
  • Constructed corner keeps the suitcase safe
  • Ergonomically designed handles for more comfortable handling.
  • Multidimensional spinner wheel for 360 degrees rolling.


  • There is no exterior pocket to keep the documents.

If you want a solid choice of hard side carry-on luggage, then this one will be the best option for you.

Lucas Treadlight 24 Inch Checked LuggageLucas Treadlight Checked Luggage Collection - 24 Inch Scratch Resistant (ABS + PC) Hard Case Bag - Ultra Lightweight Expandable Large Suitcase With Rolling 4-Spinner Wheels (Steel Blue)

You may find some issues about the quality and durability of the luggage. But this luggage is different from them. It is made like a sturdy piece for you. Some travelers love soft side bag and some don’t. This luggage is for them who are frequent traveler’s hard-side bags. This suitcase will protect whatever they get into it.

Every little item will be protected perfectly according to the exterior and interior design. The overall dimension of this luggage is 26 x 16 x 9.5 inches. That means you can easily store clothes for more than 2 weeks. It has enough room with the organized pocket.

It is made of the lightest material. This feature offers more portability and ease of carrying. Water-resistance is also another good feature in this bag. The case comes in a sleek and lightweight design. Expandable luggage can make your day, once you see that it is capable of containing more things. This one is expandable.

You will get a huge space to pack your things that are enough for your tour. This also helps you to minimize the fees and make a way to avoid it. The handle is ergonomically designed that helps to drag it easily.

The four spinner wheel does not let you get pressure on your arm. It provides easy maneuverability. The wheels help to move this luggage to 360 degrees. For the weight free-rolling, these wheels support in their best ways.


  • The material is durable and sturdy
  • Has good expandable storage space
  • Scratch resistance surface
  • Spinner wheels


  • Zippers are not strong enough

When you are about to carry a significant number of items this suitcase will help you a lot.

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How To Buy The Best Lucas Luggage

Most of the companies have their product line. As same as that, Lucas has a better and great luggage line that can satisfy the customer. But it’s hard to find out all the features in a place. Maybe some are not working for you, but some will. Before buying it, you must consider all the important facts about the luggage. Let’s have a glance at them.


Determining the size of the luggage depends on many other variables. But the most important thing is, how many things you are taking with you on the trip. Some models may look great, but don’t have enough room. If you cannot accommodate all the things that you need, then the size is surely not perfect for you.

Choosing the right size is important, especially when your family members are also going with you. As an example, traveling to a colder destination needs luggage where your warmer clothes that are easy to store. So, choose luggage which has more space. But in summer you won’t need such a size of luggage at all.

Hard and soft-sided

Both hard and soft-sided luggage has different types of benefits. Because of personal choice the decision can be different. Some people like the hard-sided case because it’s not only durable but also less prone to breakages.

In many cases, it can break and get scratched easily. It’s also water-resistant. On the other hand, the soft-sided case will be light-weighted, comes with affordable prices and easy to carry. So, make your decision and choose the luggage wisely.

Single unit or set

According to the length of your traveling, the luggage quantity also depends on it. If you are taking more things with you, then you may need more than one luggage. Even the number of people with you also influences the buying decision. According to your family member, you may need a set of luggage. If you buy set luggage, then you can save money.

Otherwise, it will cost a lot if you buy it separately. If you need different sizes and styles of bags for different trips then buying a set is the best solution. Putting everything in one luggage might make it heavy. It will make you feel uncomfortable while moving. So, consider buying a set if you need more than one luggage.

Check the Material

Before you buy lightweight luggage, you should think twice about the material. The material plays the main role to make the luggage lightweight. Check the material, make sure that it’s sturdy and can stand harsh impact. Some material like denier polyester comes with the waterproof facility.

But for the luggage, there are other materials as well that have been used by manufacture companies. Nylon, cotton, ABS plastic, Oxford cloth is the most common material for the luggage. Choose the right material that fits your inclination.

Number of Wheels

Wheel or no wheel, both options are available for you while buying luggage. Most of the people love the wheeled suitcase. Now people are thinking about how may wheel they need for their luggage.

There are two, four & eight-wheel suitcases available. Four-wheel suitcases are more flexible than the two-wheeled suitcases. Four-wheel suitcases featured with 360-degree swivel wheels. It’s more flexible to move.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is Lucas luggage of good quality?

Answer: Lucas is just not only a brand but a way to buy quality luggage. Travelers always love lightweight and durable luggage to carry with them. In this case, Lucas is focusing on both quality and weight. If you don’t want to empty your wallet to buy better quality luggage, then Lucas is here. The best quality with the minimum price is the thing that you want while buying luggage.

Even they also focus on design that also influences its durability and style. A low price tag never reflects the quality of the product. Lucas is also walking the same way. Finally, we can say that Lucas maintains the quality of their luggage line.

Question 2: What size of carry-on is allowed at the airports?

Answer: Most airlines impose a regulation about the common size of the carry-on bag. 22″ x 14″ x 9″ is the most common size that is allowed at the airports.

Question 3: Are spinner wheels better?

Answer: If you want to move your luggage flawlessly in every type of surface, the spinner wheels are perfect for it. Even after the load, it seems you carry nothing because of the wheel movement. It will allow moving the bag with a 360-degree turn. This mobility gives the user more freedom to move.

Question 4: Can spinner wheels be pushed?

Answer: Spinner wheel feature gives us more scope to take our luggage in front of us. You just need to push it instead of pulling it. So, it has multiuse and does not need to look for the two-wheel luggage.

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The Last Words

Lucas luggage is the best option as a lightweight carry-on bag that keeps your item well organized and safe as well. After going through my Lucas Luggage Reviews, you will understand why this luggage can be the right choice for you. These units are designed to meet your needs for the trip. Getting the right Lucas luggage can save your money and offer highly durable service.

After digging deeper we came up with the best portion of Lucas Luggage. Maybe they have lots of similar features, but not with style. Every model reflects different characteristics. Among all of them, find out the one that is best for you.

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