101 travelling tips

101 Top Tips For Travelling

A proven way to get better and comfortable at traveling is to follow the step of the previous one. Your journey does not start after stepping out of the door. It actually starts after you pick the place and determined to go. So, the traveler who already crossed the road would be the best option for us to ask for tips. So more words here. We will check 101 Traveling Tips from experts.



  1. Whenever you plan a new trip, try to visit a new place.
  2. Stay connected with the locals. It will help you to learn the culture, enjoy your trip perfectly
  3. Don’t forget to try the local food. Because you will get very few opportunities to taste them that you never tried before. Also, country foods tell a lot about their culture as well.
  4. Avoid restaurants in tourist areas. Most of the time the food prices are high in these areas. If you are planning a budget tour, you must avoid this type of restaurant. Surely, you will find some budget-friendly restaurant in the near distance. Ask the food price before you eat.
  5. Try eating local foods. Local foods will be cheap and something new for you. It will supply proper energy for your trip.
  6. If possible, try to attend a local cooking class. Every local dish is full of surprises. You can easily bring some changes and variations on your food menu following the tips.
  7. Talk with locals. It will help you to learn about the place properly. You will get good instructions to make the trip successful. They can suggest a good place to stay, good food to eat and travel at a cheaper rate.
  8. Many companies arrange Food Tour that is a fantastic way to taste new local food and cuisines. You can join this type of program.
  9. If you did not book your hotel including the food, then try to avoid the restaurant at the same hotel. Because they are expensive sometimes.
  10. Bring a picnic lunch with you. You will get fresh food for the trip and this works excellent to save money.
  11. Avoid junk food before and after the trip. If you take the junk foods, the possibility of dehydration will be high. You will feel uncomfortable on your journey then. That’s why the medical experts recommend not to take any junk food during the trip. You can make your own custom picnic lunch if you are traveling by bus or train. So it’s better to bring your own snacks when you traveling.
  12. Travel for no reason. We always make excuses for why we fail to travel. Don’t think about the reasons, this can kill your enthusiasm to move. Just start traveling from today.
  13. The winter season is the perfect time for traveling. The crowds will be low and the price will be affordable. You can also find the weather very much enjoying.
  14. To find the best hotels for you, simply use booking[.]com or TripAdvisor. The reviews in these two sites are unique and appropriate for the travelers. You can find the best hotel in your price range.
  15. Eating habit and timing is always different in different territories. You must need to know the timing of eating times. This will help you to cope up with locals and enjoy your trip effectively.
  16. Read some books and travel diaries about the place where you are going to visit. Surely, you will know something interesting about the place. This will help you during the trip. You can decide which place to visit and which area you don’t want to go to as well. Reading novels will make the trip more fruitful.
Traveling Tips


  1. Use public transport. Because it’s cheaper than hiring a cab or car. You can save some money when you traveling.
  2. The most affordable way of traveling is by using the bus service. Know the bus local bus schedule and use bus routes for traveling.
  3. A bus journey is time-consuming sometimes; it slows down your trip. When you using the bus routes, stay prepared and try to enjoy your journey. Sometimes it hampers on your journey and kills the refreshment. But ensure cost-effective travel most of the time.
Traveling Tips


  1. Sign up for the alert of flight fare deals. If you do this, you will get the latest and affordable deals on your email. This way, you can easily choose the best flight fare for your trip.
  2. Know about flight schedules. It will help you to know the cheapest fare for a flight ticket. Surely you can save some bucks if you book a ticket on off days.
  3. Bring a sufficient amount of cash along with you. Try to use a local bank and ATM service if possible. This will help you to get money really quickly. The process is really convenient and easy to get cash.
  4. You can start your tour from third world countries. Because it will help you to complete the tour of your budget.
  5. Avoid buying traditional guidebooks. Most of the cases, these guidebooks are expensive. Instead, you can search online. You will get tons of useful information online that might help you. Don’t waste money on purchasing local guide books.
  6. Try to carry extra money on your trip. It’s recommended to carry US dollars as it’s accepted all over the world. Keep some extra dollars on your journey.
  7. If you want hotels who offer free Wi-Fi, then take the budget hotels. The upscale hotels will charge extra for the Wi-Fi option.
  8. Inform your bank and the credit card company before the travel. Sometimes, they block the card when you withdraw the money from many different locations.
  9. If you are planning to stay in a place for a long time, then rent an apartment than a hotel. It is a lot cheaper to rent an apartment than a hotel. But check the safety and security of the apartment before renting.
  10. Use a currency converter. You need to convert the currency during the trip. So, install a currency converter app on your smartphone.
  11. If you don’t understand the language of the ATM machine, don’t use it. Because it can charge extra or block your card accidentally.
  12. Before booking any hotel, you must ask for the promo codes. Sometimes they don’t tell about the deals running. You can ask them before you book the room.
  13. Take the photos of the taxi car and the license plate when you are hiring a driver. It will help you get your things back, in case you forget to take.
  14. Avoid purchasing unnecessary expensive things. It can cause a money problem on your trip. If you purchase unnecessary things, it will impact on your travel.
  15. Avoid the clothes that need ironing. Because it’s annoying and kills your time on your trip. Of course, you can take the laundry service, but it’s costly and not available everywhere.

Traveling Kits


  1. If you are a regular traveler, you know how stressed you feel when you forget to bring your regular usable goods. Bring your regular usable kits like toothbrush, charger, shaving and other accessories carefully.
  2. An air plug helps to protect your ears from loud noises, foreign bodies and dust sometimes. When you go to visit a new place, try to bring earplugs along with you.
  3. Avoid the brand new shoes in traveling. Bring used shoes for the ease of travel.
  4. If you are planning to stay in a country for more than a week, I recommended you purchase a local SIM card. If you use an international roaming service, it will cost a large amount for phone calls. Using a local SIM is a lot cheaper than international call roaming.
  5. Don’t take too many clothes and shoes with you. Simply pack light. You can easily carry a light suitcase. Having a heavy backpack can reduce the enjoyment of your trip.
  6. Use multiple pairs of shoes on your trip. Alike your regular days, bring some pairs of shoes. This will ensure the best comfort on your journey.
  7. Don’t bring a set of books. Rather consider bringing a Kindle.


  1. Travel insurance is crucial during the journey. It ensures the safety and security of your life.
  2. If you are lost, try to contact the nearest police station. They can help you finding your location and getting any kind of support as well.
  3. To avoid any unwanted theft of your things, wear your purse across your body and don’t wear it on one shoulder.
  4. When you visit a new place, try to ensure safe drinking water on your trip. Because water-borne diseases can hamper on your journey and you will have to suffer a lot for it.
  5. Always keep a first aid kit. Make sure the kit has Ciprofloxacin and ibuprofen for diarrhea. These are very much common and dangerous water-borne diseases you might affect.
  6. The opening time and one hour before the closing are the best time to see tourist attractions.
  7. Bring extra copies of your passport, photos and ID cards. This documents you will need to avoid any kind of unwanted situation. When you book a new hotel or purchase sensitive materials like SIM, you will need a copy of your photo and ID card.
  8. For safety reasons, you can scan the copy of the passport and save a copy of your email. If you lost your passport, you still have a copy saved on your email.
  9. To organize the suitcase consider buying packing cubes. A good packing cube organizes your backpack and suitcase perfectly.
  10. If anyone is offering you something, just ignore it. It’s a marketing technique. This is a normal scenario all over the world. Before you purchase, check the quality of the product carefully.
  11. Inform the travel plans with your family and friends.
  12. Take the photos of the taxi car and the license plate when you are hiring a driver. It will help you get your things back, in case you forget to take.
  13. Avoid movement at night. Moving at night is not safe in many places. Especially, if you are visiting rural areas, try to stay safe.
  14. During the trip, back up your valuable data. When you are taking your photos and doing videos, make sure to carry a copy of these data with you. These days it’s very easy to get affordable travel hard drives. The best souvenirs are made from photos and so protect them.
  15. Try to avoid public Wi-fi. Hackers can access your information through the public network. It can harm your personal security as well.
  16. Take luggage locks. When your luggage is out of your sight, it’s better to use these locks during your trip on buses and trains.


  1. Adjust your sleeping pattern with the local time zone.
  2. Don’t fold the clothes. Just roll them. If you roll the clothes, they will fit on your luggage effectively. Folded clothes will wrinkle a lot than the rolled clothes.
  3. Wrap the clothes in Tissue paper. Using the tissue paper safeguards the clothes from wrinkles. It will keep your clothes usable for a longer period.
  4. Try to memorize some of the local phrases because good communication skills will help you travel a long way.
  5. Forget planning every moment during the trip. The moments that we haven’t planned are the best moments in many cases.
  6. Consider adding lumbar support. A lot of the passengers fly with the achy necks, legs, and backs. It’s really hard to sit for a long period. And if you don’t add any lumbar support, then the spine and the muscles fail to maintain a healthy alignment.
  7. To avoid unwanted situations on your trip, take toilet paper when you go out for a long time. In rural areas, you won’t find good lavatories;
  8. For tipping at the restaurants, know the rules at first.
  9. Whenever you are check-in in a new hotel, take note of the hotel address and contact information. In case, you are not finding the location, you can use the note to find your hotel easily.
  10. The destination is rewarding when it is difficult. It’s good to relax at the beach, I enjoy to navigate local streets. I know it’s something confusing to someone, but you should try. It will help you to know about a place perfectly.
  11. Few hotels offer a free breakfast that you can consider. But also justify the hotel rent. Because they can adjust the charge on your hotel rent. Justify the fare and book your hotel room.
  12. If you are planning a trip to China, I suggest you purchase a reliable VPN app. Some of the popular websites are blocked in China. The VPN app will help you to access them effectively.
  13. Be polite during the trip. You are not only representing yourself but also you are representing your country as well. So be polite to the local people. Your friendly behavior will help you to get any assistance if you need it.
  14. Bring a local guide if possible. Sometimes, it’s costly, but you can enjoy the time properly. You will also get an accompany on your trip.
  15. Ask your inquiries to the hotel staff. If you don’t understand anything, just feel free to ask any questions about the hotel staff.
  16. Use Google Map service on your trip. This will help you to find any location really quickly.
  17. Before booking the travel, learn something about the requirements of the visa.
  18. If you have a problem with motion sickness, then consider Dramamine. It will ensure a comfortable journey and help to avoid motion sickness.
  19. Carry extra undergarments with you. During your trip, it will help you avoid unhealthy travel.


  1. Flying in the morning is good. If you book an early-morning flight, the possibility of the flight delay is much less.
  2. When you taking travel photos, try to take as many you can. You can delete the unnecessary photos later. But this will help you to get some good pictures for sure.
  3. Don’t be worried. Keep yourself stress-free and relaxed. If you get worried quickly, it will impact negatively on your tour.
  4. If you are visiting a cold or high heat area, try to wear sunscreen cream to protect your skin. This will prevent the sunburn of your screen.
  5. Take photos of famous places. You can use the images for future reference that clearly certify you’ve visited those places.
  6. The best method for traveling is getting out on your own. Explore the new place. You may get lost, but you can learn new things which you never imagined before. You’ll have some awesome travel memories and you will meet some fantastic people at the same time. The experience will be unforgettable.
  7. Use comfortable clothes when you are traveling. It will ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.
  8. Many people have the habit to collect new postcards. Postcards are a cool souvenir that you can collect. When you visit a new place, try to collect new postcards for future reference.
  9. Delay on your tour is normal. Accept it.
  10. Say yes to any interesting opportunity comes. During the trip, you will find lots of interesting things. Don’t neglect those chances. Just enjoy the trip.
  11. Less known sights are always a scope to spend a good time. Don’t miss the less known sights which are less crowded and calm. Try to find and visit this type of place.
  12. Be normal during the trip. When you are in a different country, it is very normal that things will be different than your own country. In fact, we travel to discover the difference and beautify of new places. Try to cope up with the change.
  13. Many annoying things might happen, try to stay cool during the journey. It will help you enjoy the trip much effectively.
  14. Share the happiness with others. If you have a stable internet connection, you can upload photos and videos on your social networks. It helps to share happiness among the people connected with you.
  15. It’s natural you don’t know the local language. But at the same time, it’s crucial to understand a few local terms as well. You can use the Google Translate Service to understand the local language. It will be easy for you to communicate with the people in that place effectively.
  16. Write about your trip to your blog and post photos and videos on social media sites.
  17. Try to enjoy the trip and make it an adventure trip. You can try ski diving, scuba diving, and more similar things. It will give you the best memories during the trip.
  18. Get connected with Social media. During the trip, connected with Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Viber can be really helpful.


  1. You can purchase a Text Package. Sometimes the mobile network does not work properly. It will help you to communicate with your teammates and other people effectively. You can choose the AT&T text package which is available for 150 countries.
  2. If you love to take pictures, you must care about the sunrise and sunset timing. It’s the ideal time for sightseeing and taking excellent photos as well.
  3. Accept the delay when you travel. You may experience a flight delay, lost your ticket or unwanted interruption on your travel; accept them positively. These are always part of the journey. These situations will help you to manage the bumps in the road and will make you a better traveler in the future. In many cases, these bad moments make the funniest travel memories.
  4. If you are living in a tourist spot, try to book the top floor of your hotel. The benefit of the highest floor is you will have a better view and less noise that ensure stress-free living.
  5. Forget the comfort zone. When you are traveling, think something new outside of the comfort zone. Connect with new people and try something new. You can go for sky diving or the bungee jumping. Do something that amazes you.
  6. If possible, you can take your kids during the trip. It will help them grow good and on their better physical development as well.
  7. Consider doing the laundry in the sink. When you are traveling, it’s a safer and easiest way.

Yeah! Let us know after finishing your journey. May you will be able to mention the 102nd tips. Have Fun. For more travel guide visit Travel Gigz.

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